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The key to the huge impact of this complex system is understanding the role of Tokenomics: every transaction in the Forint environment will not only benefit holders through redistribution.


7% of every transaction is redistributed in BUSD, once a week, amongst all holders, proportionally to the amount of Tokens held.


2.9% of every transaction is used by the team to further develop the Forint Ecosystem.


0.1% of every transaction is used to support causes our community cares about.

Your Wallet

90% is for you to hold in order to enjoy the benefits of our ecosystem and be an early investor in our Platform.

Forint metrics

FORINT current price
Volume (24h)
Total supply
Fully Diluited MC


Read the Whitepaper to find out more about our Project


Progress, innovation, and continuous improvement are reflected in our targets and roadmap.

2021 Q1 The Beginning
  • WEBSITE (Alpha vers.)
  • WHITEPAPER (Alpha vers.)
  • Smart contracts development
  • Recruitment
2021 Q2 Forint Token Sale
  • Establish Limited Company
  • WEBSITE (Official launch)
  • Social media expansion
  • ICO
2021 Q3 Products Development
  • Dexy Development
  • ATM Development
  • ICO Platform Development
2021 Q4 Products Launch
  • Marketing expansions
  • Dexy launch
  • ICO platform launch
  • ATM Test
  • Various partnerships
2022 Q1 Blockchain Migration
  • Migration to Polygon
  • ATM Launch
  • Listing in Major Exchanges
  • Marketing expansions
2022 Q2 Business Development
  • Increasing Partnerships
  • Marketplace Development
  • Fiscal Platform development
2022 Q3 Products Launch
  • Fiscal Platform Launch (BETA)
  • Marketplace Launch (BETA)
  • Marketing Expansion
2022 Q4 Future Plans
  • Existing products interactions
  • Increasing Partnerships
  • External Investors
2023 Q1 We need to keep some of our plans for ourselves for now ;-)
2023 Q2
2023 Q3
2023 Q4
2024 Q1

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